Who, What, When, Where, Why and How? Aren't these the questions you should be asking as the end draws near?

The most spectacular event in human history is about to happen! How much do you know about the end times? "The End" is a book on Bible prophecy (eschatology) concerning Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How - all aspects of The End! It shows much of what the Bible says about the end times. Even though the end will actually be a new beginning, God will soon lower the final curtain on the great stage of human drama. God has amazing grace but also fiery wrath. He is Creator but also Consummator - the Beginning but the End. Depending on your relationship to Him, you can escape the coming wrath, and the end will be the beginning for you!

The End probes such topics as:

  • Does the Bible speak of a future world trade center located in Iraq?
  • On what day will the End occur?
    answer: Yom Kippur
  • Where will the Antichrist be born?
    answer: Iraq
  • How long will God be away before He returns?
  • Does the Bible speak of a future world trade center located in Iraq?
    answer: Babylon
  • When Hagar - the mother of the Arabs - identified the God of Abraham , was He Allah or the Angel of the Lord?
  • Will the coming Jewish Messiah be human or God Himself?
    answer: Yes
  • Many have said that God is dead, but has God really died?
    answer: Yes
  • Will some be saved from eternal fire by good works?
    answer: Yes
  • What is one good reason that explains "why bad things happen to good people?"
    answer: The Evil One
  • Is there ever an "end of the world?"
    answer: No
  • What will "born again" Christians be doing at the End?
  • How can blood be so high as to "reach to the horse's bridle?"
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